In director Guillermo del Toro’s acceptance speech for Shape of Water at the 2018 Academy Awards, he championed the fantasy film genre, encouraging other filmmakers to get involved.

"This is a door," he concluded. "Kick it open and come in."

This sentiment is echoed by John Boorman and Kieran Corrigan, the founders of the Irish Film School. IFS provide a way for film makers to literally step into the industry.



Its mission is to deliver high quality, practical, hands-on training in all aspects of the film business, coupled with networking events that bring students and film industry professionals together.

  • IFS instructors are fully qualified, active members of the film industry in all fields of filmmaking: directing, producing, screenwriting, visual FX, cinematography, lighting, sound, editing, post-production and more.
  • IFS instructors also work at the business end of the film industry in the domains of finance, legal, tax, insurance, sales and distribution.
  • IFS educators are passionate about passing on their skills and knowledge to a new generation of both filmmakers and business professionals.